Thanks to family tradition and values transferred from their father Ambrogio, today the Sisto brothers continue to share the same passion and ideas, aiming at an ever more ambitious target: play a key pivotal role in processing and marketing almonds in Italy and abroad. Ambrogio Sisto had a vision, he believed that processing almonds could be based mainly on love, passion and dedication. These teachings are brought forward today by the Sisto brothers who transfer on their products the same spirit of their tradition, value of authenticity and the rediscovery of food excellence safeguarded within the accurately selected raw materials. The development of an industrial production able to respect the values of craftsmanship, provides raw materials and the different processing stages all the required time to create products of extraordinary quality, acknowledged worldwide. Alfrus preserves a story of a brave, longsighted family from Apulia-Italy, which draws its extraordinary energy to grow and look forward from the love of its land and work.

Leonardo Sisto

C.F.O. Chief Financial Officer

“Ours is a family tale, a tale made up from values which inspire our work in every daily commitment.”

Domenico Sisto

C.O.O. Chief Operation Officer / Sales and Purchasing Manager

“Experience, skills and reliability helped Alfrus to be successful in the past and represent still today fundamental factors for our future.”

Michele Sisto

Production and Logistics Manager

““Ethics and principles have inspired our company since its foundation and their application evolves with us thru the challenges we face.”