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Why are almonds the most selected to create new food products?

For the seventh consecutive year, almonds are the most widely used dried fruit by food industries for the launch of new products on the market. This record was pointed out by the Innova Market Insights’ Global New Product Introductions Report, which analyzes products, services and trends.

Therefore, almonds are the number one product in the creation of new products in the categories of snacks, bars, dairy products and cereals. A consolidated record which increased during the pandemic period, when a particular attention to personal well-being and the environment emerged in consumers, which led to a marked preference for natural products, rich in nutrients and coming from sustainable production and processing. Characteristics of a new way of farming and doing business that we have made our own, here at Alfrus, making us very proud.

Innova Market Insights’ report observes that in 2021 almonds have been the most used basic ingredient by the food and confectionery industry for the launch of new products. In particular, Europe ranks first in the introduction of almond-based products with more than 5500 new items. With a remarkable +7% in the dairy industry compared to the previous year, for the production of plant-based milk and cheese. As a matter of fact, almonds are a valuable basic ingredient for almond milk, a plant-based milk among the most appreciated by consumers.

Moreover, in six European countries, among which Germany, France and United Kingdom stand out the most, almonds appear in the world’s top 10 most used products by industries for the launch of new products.
On the other hand, Italy, France and United Kingdom are in the first place for the use of almonds in the bakery industry. According to the report’s data, Germany stands out in the category of confectionery products.

There are two most significant aspects that the report shows: almonds are appreciated because of their versatility of use and they are one of the most sought after products because they are healthy. It is even better if they come from environmentally friendly productions such as the ones we choose, here at Alfrus.

Therefore, this strong preference for almonds is determined also by the desire to please new consumers, those who are attentive to the selection of raw materials in line with plant-based nutrition, which is much more than a simple diet and is consolidating in the European market after it landed as an overseas protagonist. Almonds are absolutely an important part of this healthy diet and because of this, they became a valuable ingredient for the launch of new products in the food and confectionery industry. Moreover, their versatility of use allows companies to experiment with new products that are attentive to the needs of new consumers.

The renewed attention of consumers to personal well-being is one more reason that drives us, at Alfrus, to focus on quality. And we are proud to offer tailor-made solutions which are capable of creating new taste experiences to our partners, starting from a certified high quality product: good, healthy and eco-sustainable.

20 August 2022