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Blockchain on almonds, how we guarantee food safety and high quality

Blockchain on almonds, how we guarantee food safety and high quality

The Blockchain revolution has also become a key player in the almonds’ sector. And through this extraordinary traceability system, soon we will be able to guarantee an even safer, controlled and eco-sustainable product.

Internal traceability has long been institutionalized in our almond processing system for large food industry. Indeed, we have equipped ourselves with a highly technological management software, the Integrated MES, which allows us to constantly record and follow the almonds arriving in our factories, along the entire processing line.

But today we are proud to announce that the Blockchain we apply at Alfrus will reach the 100% also on the external traceability front. By external Blockchain we mean a tracking system of almonds from the field to the consumers’ table, through management software.

Our external Blockchain system for almonds will be possible thanks to privileged partners that will allow us a constant and rigorous monitoring of raw material imported from California. All clear, safe and transparent. In this way we will give further and important guarantees about the quality and safety of the product we work for the food & beverage industry.


The strong point of Blockchain, which literally means “chain of blocks”, is the exchange of information in the different connection nodes, through the loading of data related to a particular load of products on specific software. This information chain, block by block, is as more complete as the data loaded by each actor involved in the product processing line are more accurate and constant, from the cultivation to the warehouse management and finally to logistics, until the arrival in our factories. Therefore, it is crucial to have the right partners who are able to ensure this information chain.

At Alfrus, we have always interfaced with qualified and certified suppliers and, because of these relationships, soon we will be able to rely on an accurate data filing that will allow us to guarantee 100% of the traceability of the almonds we process.

For each batch of product, precise data will be recorded in a specific database on the web. These informations are about:
– Cultivation activities in almond orchards and harvesting data;
– Methods and products, including phytosanitary products, used for crops’ treatment;
– Data on almonds’ supplying;
– Matching of the delivery notes to each harvest’s identification data.

Moreover, in the data system there will be information related to the variety of almonds provided, the machinery used for their harvest and shelling, and the final report of the product’s organoleptic quality.

All these informations will be the analytical identity card of our almond products.

Transparency has always been and will become even more a focal point of our company policy, also thanks to an effective and guaranteed external Blockchain system. The Blockchain revolution is at the service of quality almonds, for the safety of all consumers and industries that choose us. We have always been on the side of food safety and eco-sustainability and soon we will be able to prove this step by step in a transparent and clear way.

27 April 2022