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Almonds, the perfect ingredient for “free from” products

The increase of allergies, intolerances and specific dietary needs has increased the demand for “free from” products which means “without”. A market trend that is increasingly felt by the food industries which are challenged to bring on the market VEG, BIO, lactose and gluten-free products. The news, launched by Osservatorio Immagino in the 11th edition of its report has also been confirmed by Cibus, the insight platform linked to the first italian fair in the food & beverage sector.

Therefore, we are faced with a trend setter that takes into account the presence of consumers increasingly informed and attentive to health and sustainability.

For a long time, at Alfrus, we have been selecting our almonds on the basis of cultivation techniques that are respectful of nature and therefore environmentally friendly, and we have also started the procedures to obtain the certification of our production’s sustainability, by the end of 2022. This is what we offer to industries: an almond-based product able to meet consumers’ new needs and lifestyles, in Italy and in Europe.


Almonds are a totally vegetable product, naturally free of lactose and gluten, without additives and preservatives and rich in health-promoting nutrients. These characteristics make them an ingredient which is suitable for “free from” products, without renouncing to the taste.

Because healthy food like almonds is not synonymous with less taste.

Many of the delights produced by the confectionery industry are made with almond-based products.

Here are some examples:
– Dessert
– Cakes and biscuits
– Almond milk, a substitute drink for cow’s milk

Therefore, almonds are really a valuable ally for industries which are interested in “free from” products because they combine the taste with health as they are rich in energy, vitamins, fibers and easily assimilable fats, and obviously free of the main allergens on the market.

14 June 2022